Setup Music Sharing Server Using Tangerine in Ubuntu.

Setup Music Sharing Server Using Tangerine in Ubuntu.

Tangerine is a simple music sharing server that uses DAAP to share your music over the local network.

There are several clients that you can then use to connect to it, such as Apple’s iTunes, Banshee, and Rhythmbox.

Install Tangerine by typing:

#apt-get install tangerine

Let’s say you run the command in as a root user the following files will be created in root default directory:

root@googlerunslinux:~# ls .tangerine*

.tangerine .tangerine-log .tangerine-passwd

You can configure tangering using GUI or by editing the configuation file.

If you are editing via GUI, launch it going to Applications–>Tangerine Media Sharing

My tangerine settings are as follow:

In my case I had to enable password, then only I could see my shared music folder in Banshee Media Player.

If you are adventurous, you can also edit the /root/.tangerine file

root@googlerunslinux:~# more .tangerine


name = root’s Music

password_file = /root/.tangerine-passwd

debug = False

max_users = 0

log_file = /root/.tangerine-log

port = 0

publish = True

plugins = file,session


directories = /root/Music/Daughtry-Break the Spell


Run tangerine by typing:

root@googlerunslinux:~# tangerine .tangerine &

If it fails to run, or you see error messages, you will need to kill the tangerine process. Type:

#pkill tangerine

Try to run again.

root@googlerunslinux:~# tangerine .tangerine &

After that launch banshee media player and your shared music folder should be visible. Click and provide the password if any, and start listening to your songs. Enjoy!

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